Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Is Our Country Really Free?

“Oh the girl is ridiculous….she doesn’t know how to behave properly….”, “He is of another religion... if you will get into his company, you will become like him..”
India’s 70 yrs of independence and yet not free ironically. Independence of the nation has limited itself to the paper. Our constitution talks about equality at various levels but when you lift your eyes, you find nothing. Our country is unable to set itself free from this despite of various efforts made. When we try to seek  the root cause of the problems, what we find is that the problem is in the basic mindset of the people. 
Hindu – Muslim riots still persist. A girl still cannot move freely outside late at night. Giving reservation seats in various organizations and metro is not the solution. Practically, it is not needed as well. In fact, these things create division.
Other major problem that is faced by our country is CORRUPTION which is just a fruit ripened by the tree of unhealthy mindset. Money rules India. It has established itself in the Indian government completely. Its adverse effect can be seen on the education system as well. It is eating away our future. This further adds to the reason for high rate of illiteracy in India.
Our country is yet not free in real sense. Our nation cannot grow and prosper until and unless we as citizens do not understand our duty towards it. There is a need for us to change our basic ideology. We represent the nation and nation represents us. As we celebrate this Independence Day lets  take a pledge together that we as responsible citizens of the country will take initiatives towards welfare of India. As a very first step we should begin the change in ourselves as it is rightly said “BE THE CHANGE YOU  WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.” 

-Rini Pandey(2017 IPG-MTECH 072)

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Interview of Prof. Shyam Sunder Agrawal , an eminent scientist in the area of Acoustic Speech and Communication, currently working as the Director General at KIIT Group of Institutions (Former chairman, Acoustical Society of India)

Q. First of all, how did you find the campus and hospitality of the college?
A. The day, today, was a very pleasant, in a beautiful campus. The campus has very nice architecture, many different varieties of beautiful flowers, so much greenery around here and very peaceful and calm environment.

Q. What was your inspiration behind your decision of choosing the field of speech processing?
A. The field speech processing is definitely a bit different from other fields. My reason was that It is basically an inter-disciplinary field. It is an area which includes various aspects of engineering and science. One needs signal processing techniques as well as aspects of artificial intelligence techniques, and programing skills. One also needs linguistics and phonetics skills. It involves biological aspects also at higher levels. I was in my Master’s degree in electronics and I did a project under supervision of some person who worked in the field of speech therapy. I found the field interesting, it was a bit difficult from others and very few people were working in the field. I had a fascination of Hindi language as it is my mothertounge, I started working in speech processing of Hindi language, So the beauty of Hindi and field were both my inspiration.

Q. With a lot of difficulties in the journey what kept you moving ahead on the path?
A. There were some ups and down but fortunately I got opportunities to tackle them down. Firstly, immediately after my Master’s degree, there was an economical pressure to do some job for the livelihood for the family, I got some options as a lecturer in a college, but I wanted to do research. I got research opportunities but there was no fellowship in the beginning. My family supported me for the period. After six months, I started getting fellowship and things went ahead. Second time was when I finished my job as lecturer in university, fortunately I got the appointment as a scientist from Govt. of India. And I worked in the speech processing field there, around thirty years, I got many projects, worked as head of institution and retired.

Q. After completing career as a scientist for the government, you are still working in the field, tell us about the journey after retirement.
A. Even after the retirement, I got an opportunity to work with an American scientist as a researcher. Later when I joined a group of institution, but as you know in private institutions the research is not permitted at a high level as scientists do, so I moved on from there, I started working for my own and now we have a group of faculties and delivering projects to many big companies like Nokia and some government supported projects too.

Q. In this long journey, you have visited researchers and institutions from many country, how was that experience?
A. In the meantime, I’ve been to many countries under different fellowship schemes, I have visited various institution, worked as visiting researchers in various institutes as MIT California and others. I was in Europe for a period as a researcher, the experience was very good, in other countries I saw a bit upper level in research than us but our country is working very hard to excel.

Q. As u told us, institution does not support research at higher levels, what are your suggestions for the institutions so that they could adopt better policies?
A. There are two things associated with this, first is the university with which the colleges are affiliated. Higher education needs research at higher level, one needs to innovate from the knowledge gained in his life. If the universities are confined to only syllabus and few exams in higher education, the students will not grow much, they will not innovate. The universities need to support research and they must think about it. Second thing is the management of college and their vision, what they want to achieve and deliver from the college, if they focus on delivering better to the society they must provide valuable atmosphere and facilities for the researchers. The quality of professors and supervisor for researcher affects a lot in higher education so the management should ensure better faculties to promote research there.

Interviewed by: Surya Pratap Singh and Pragati Baheti
Edited by: Vipul Barodiya and Oshin Malviya


Atal Bihari Vajpayee Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior witnessed its annual inter-IIIT sports fest TWARAN from 31 March 2017 to 2 April 2017. The annual inter IIIT sports fest of the institute has its roots laid down in the year 2008. It was in the year 2008 that the TWARAN fest was organised for the first time and since then the fest has been a huge success and proved to be one of the largest sports fest of the central India.  It has established itself as a great platform for the emerging sportspersons of various centrally funded IIITS and other colleges to show cast their potential. The TWARAN '17 was no different and on the lines its of previous editions proved to be a great success.  Many premier institutes participated in the fest to prove their potential and experience the thrill and the fun of the fest. Various institutions showed active participation and heated up the race to the victory.

TWARAN'17, the annual inter IIIT sports fest of the IIITM lasted for three days from 31 March 2017 to 2 April 2017.  The fest like its previous editions witnessed talent not only from the IIIT community but also from many other prestigious colleges of the nation.
The following institutes were part of the TWARAN fest:
v Atal Bihari Vajpayee Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior.
v Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad.
v Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi
v International Institute of Information Technolgy-Naya Raipur.
v School of Planning & Architecture, Bhopal
v National Institute of Technology, Delhi.
v Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi.

The fest commenced with the opening ceremony in the presence of the Director of the institute Prof S.G. Deshmukh and the faculty coordinator Dr. Anurag Srivastava. The Director sir in his remarks told the importance of sports in life and inculcated the spirit of sports in the students. He insisted the students to participate with full zeal and enthusiasm. The students of the ABV-IIITM also showed a parade.
The end of the opening ceremony embarked the beginning of some real action. All the participants from all the colleges were full of enthusiasm and zeal. All the eyes had only one target- “THE WINNER’S TROPHY and all the minds had only one aim- “STEP UP THE GAME.”  Every participant enforced his full potential and fought with total dedication and devotion to make his college win and bring it more close to the prestigious title. Each sport witnessed great talent and the nail-biting and breath-taking action.
The fest included many sports, including indoor as well as the outdoor sports. Indoor included chess—where one needs to be careful at every move and crack what’s going in the opponent’s mind, & also carrom  where one need to mind his timing on the striker.
Outdoor included some real action; from the favourite of all cricket, to the nail-biting and exciting football and volleyball. While cricket tested the players on timing and the skill, the football tested their ability to pass the defenders and strike goal for their team. Athletics also tested the stamina as well as their swiftness so as to make it to the first position.  But this is not that all. The breath-taking badminton and  squash was still to come. While the badminton asked the players to smash the opponents stand, the squash was no less exciting. Basketball demands skill to pass the opponent and a bull’s eye to shoot the ball. The ping-pong game of table-tennis requires accuracy and precision while lawn tennis requires the strength and the timing. Finally, swimming also received great participation from all the institutes. Also a treasure hunt was organised to bleep the mind and take the excitement a notch up.
The last day of the three-day long fest saw even greater enthusiasm as it was the high time—THE FINALS.
Finally, the fest ended with a memorable and fantastic closing ceremony. The closing ceremony not only included the prize distribution by the Director sir but also some great performances to steal everyone’s heart. The night was entertaining and stress relieving and we witnessed amazing performances by Surbhi Sankhla and RUDRA .A nice dinner was also organised for everyone.

In this way the three-day long journey came to an end. The fest inculcated the spirit of sports in the participating institutes and also strengthened the inter-institute bond. Thus TWARAN'17 proved to be a huge success for the institute and has given memorable experiences which we surely will never forget.  

Raj Mehrotra(2016IPG-079)


Pyarke rang se bharopichkari,
snehke rang do duniya sari,
ye rang na jane koi jaatna koi boli,
aapkomubarak ho aapnokiholi.

Holi celebration takes place with lot of joy and verve throughout the country. The enthusiasm of the people reaches its peak and matches with the nature which is in full bounty at the time of Holi.
Holi is being celebrated in Indian since time immemorial but the popularity of Holi celebrations seems to be rising with every passing year and so is the level of hoo-ha. As no other festival gives so much liberty to the people to let their hair loose and enjoy their hidden crazy self.
Holi knows no bars, Holi knows no boundaries too. Across the world wherever Indians or people of Indian origin are present Holi is celebrated with gusto and bonhomie. People play with colours, light a bonfire called Holika and celebrate the victory of good over evil.
Well, the essence of any festival is to take a break from the daily humdrum of life and make it interesting. The other major intention of celebrating festival is to bring people together and generate a feeling of brotherhood and spread harmony all around.
So like all other Indians we also had our holi celebration on 25thMarch at Open Air Theatre (OAT). The celebration was  organized by IPG 2016 batch.
All the students of ABV IIITM Gwalior gathered at the Open Air Theatre and had great time together. Everyone was greeted with Gulaal on their faces! All had fun together. A DJ was also called up for brightening the event! Everyone danced on the typical holi Bollywood songs. Forgetting every sorrow in their lives, every problems and rivalries.
The best thing was a waterproof holi! Yes it was a holi free from water. Everyone co-operated  in that. Each and every student know the importance of water in our life and so there was no wastage of water. Moreover organic colors or gulaal was used to play holi.
All and all it was an environmental friendly holi celebration.  Apart from this  thandai and bread pakodas were also served. It was a day to remember full of memories and fun!
As said 'Bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs' are the ingredients of perfect Holi… and it was a perfect holi…full of colurs and joy, filled with love!

Wish you all Happy Holi again!

-Oshin Malviya

Sunday, 12 March 2017


Image result for feminism not feminazism

As a concerned citizen,
It would not matter now whether the person writing this is a male or female because thinking over that would be very trivial though,but the matter concerned is quite grave.

National Commission for Women(NCW) works to protect and foster rights of women in this country.Innumerable attempts have been carried out by your Organisation as well as the Government of India to safeguard women’s rights.A strong wave of feminism has taken a strong shape,which is definitely hard to be suppressed.The masses have started beginning to know a totally different face of today’s woman viz strong,independent and the one worthy of taking her own decisions.Social media also has supported in this regard.There are a lot of posts on social media,be it pictures or videos,depicting the changing shape of the position of women.Now,women have started striving for equality.Indeed the purpose of your Association seems to be solved.Good.Very well!

But let us give it a thought the other way.I had written till now as a concerned female citizen of India.It is now the turn to see this issue from the eyes of a male.Let us imagine a scene where a long queue waits outside a bank ATM,it would have been a common sight in the recent Demonetization drive.A long queue,of only males,is standing and everyone is waiting for their turn.Suddenly ,a woman approaches and asks may I go first and withdraw the money.Now the person refusing her would be considered extremely ill mannered and the crowd could even abuse him for all this.Consider another scenario of a Delhi metro train.The train stops at a station.A lady enters and is offered a seat by a man who was sitting,not by his will,but by the repeated urges of the fellow passengers.

So the concern is would this situation continue or can even grow?If a person is judged on the basis of his/her abilities,then why is the wall of gender coming in between?On one hand,you talk of equality for women and thus support equality,being a strong supporter of feminism here.On the other hand,you start seizing what is with the men and start giving it to the women.This is what is called Feminazism.
The lady savaging that bank queue had to wait outside for her turn because the persons already standing there were also leaving their works for the purpose.The lady offered a seat in the Metro had to wait for an empty seat as she had entered the Metro train late.

Now,this is what is called hypocrisy.You cannot just make one class of people superior to the other class in the process of making them equal.So,a grave concern is hereby drawn to start some work in this direction too,otherwise the very name of your Organisation would not be proved.It would soon convert from RIGHTS FOR WOMEN to POWERS OF WOMEN.

-Ayushi Rastogi                                              

  IPG 2016-025 

Monday, 6 March 2017

An open letter to Dearest Maa

You would always be awake when I would wake up. You would already have taken bath and would be preparing breakfast for me. In fact as far as my memory lane goes, it would always be you who would wake me up. I would groan, "Please just another five minutes, Maa", which would never seem to get over. But, you would bear with this stupid boy of yours and run after him no matter what.
You would then coax me into brushing my teeth and going to take bath. You always knew that I didn't like to brush my teeth every morning, but you simply had those red angry eyes, which were enough to get me doing whatever you said. Within the next fifteen minutes, I would be immaculate and bathed. But, in the meanwhile, you won't be sitting idle or taking rest.
In this short gap, you would already have ironed my uniform and packed my lunch for the school. You were always blazing fast when it came to my needs. You never said, "I don't feel well, so I won't be able to cook lunch today. Grab something to eat from the canteen." You simply placed me over every other thing on this entire planet. Even above Papa and yourself.
And, then you would feed me the breakfast with your own hands. I know that it must have been irritating at times when you had a number of household chores to address. But, you always managed to feed me anyways. Why? Because I won't eat otherwise. This imbecile did put you through a lot of trouble, but you never complained.
And, this was the story of every morning for over twelve years of my school life! That's a huge sacrifice you made to groom me and provide me everything I needed. In fact, not just one but it was a series of countless sacrifices.
You could have slept an extra hour every day. But you didn't. You could have invested all of that time to exercise or do yoga, which would all have helped you and boosted your health to significant degrees. But, you never even thought of it. You took the task of placing my needs above yours as a pleasure. And, it was this altruist investment of yours that built me so perfect, Maa!
And, what I mentioned above is just the morning routine which had become a daily ritual for years and years. You would run after me to complete the homework. You would push me out of the house when I won't turn off the television. You would then also drag me back to the home, when I wouldn't wish to return home from play and do my homework.
Thoughts about me had cluttered your life and your mind so virulently, that all you ever thought about was me. Did I eat the lunch? Did I drink the milk? If I didn't, then you would heat it up again so that your dearest "Jaya" ate only what is healthy and best for his body. Oh! And, how can I forget the times when I got sick.
Those were the moments when I saw the sides of you that I had never earlier been exposed to. You would cry for I was vomiting. You would sit next to me the entire time. You would mix the medicines in sugar water as I found it to be a horrid experience to consume allopathic medicines. You would feed me water, wash my vomit, and change my clothes and what not!
I was only a liability which was in toto dependent on you. And, you never made me regret or grouse over that dependence. You not only dedicated yourself to me and my development. But, you left everything else in the world that would have needed your attention if I need you at the same instance.
No doubt, I made you cry a lot. I didn't score well at times in the examinations. I lied to you when I was caught cheating in those examinations. I got angry on you for I was not able to cope up with the hormonal changes that puberty had hit me with. At times, I made you feel disgruntled and shame in public. And, I can go on and on and on with such examples when I brought tons of misery into your life.
But, you never accepted any of those to be miseries. Rather, you always said- "It’s just a phase of learning and it shall pass. And, once the phase passes, my son will learn those crucial lessons of life, shine and make me proud."
Maa, it was this belief in you which never shook. You believed in your son's abilities no matter. I know I have made you wait a lot to show that gratitude and love which you always deserved more than any other person in this entire world. But, today I acknowledge that I was an imbecile to do so.
Dearest Maa, you brought up a beautiful child and fed him with values and tenets of being tenacious, honest and a man of integrity. And, today I can tell you that your son is strong on all of those pillars. And, none of this would have been a reality had you not waited so long for me to be bloom into this beautiful form.

You are my moon and I am your star. No matter how many obstacles may try to hamper our connection, we are meant to share the same space and that is all what matters. If this star ever again moves farther from the moon, remember that belief that you have had in you to this very moment- "I will come back to you no matter what. And, every time I will make you proud."
-Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


                         An open letter to Ms. JK Rowling


First of all I would like to start off by stating the fact that I am nearly obsessed by your Harry Potter franchise. I religiously follow all updates and new additions to the Harry Potter world, eagerly swallowing up all nuggets of information that you provide now and then. My love for your writings started when I was 13 years old  , and now 7 years later it hasn’t waned , even though I am an adult now. I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that my love for reading started after coming across your masterpiece.  The magical world that you have created out of your imagination is brilliance personified . Sometimes I wonder whether you are not a witch yourself , and are violating the International Statue of Wizarding Secrecy by revealing the secrets of the wizarding world to us muggles . But alas , reality has a stronger grip on me and I know that cannot be true, regardless , that does not stop me from making my gullible younger brother believe that I am a witch in hiding . 

Your novels not only transport us to a fantasy world,far beyond our reach , they also teach us lessons in humanity . The underlying theme in your novels is quite a strong one . It has taught me the values I ought to cherish and nurture . It has taught me that evil can not be defeated by even more evil, for love conquers all . The darkness and misery resides in all of us , it is up to us , whether we embrace it and let the cantankerous rot seep into our mind and soul turning us angry and bitter towards the world , harming ourselves in the process . Or we can look outwards and let the beauty of the universe heal us . The character that fascinates me the most is Professor Snape . Surprising as my choice may seem to you , I think he possessed the strongest character in your novels . He managed to turn his strong dislike towards the Potters and decided to protect Harry till his dying breath, all for his love for Lily. This impressed me the most , for this is never an easy thing to do . I am inspired by you , since you fought against poverty and recent estrangement by your husband , and still came up with such a wonderful story. 

You are an inspiration to all of us Potterheads . I also want to applaud your charity efforts through Lumos . This is not something many do after achieving success , especially authors. I wish you success in all your further endeavors . 

-Ritika Agarwal(2016 IPG-085)